By voting for Walker's budget, my opponent has cost taxpayers $206 million over 2 years. "The state could have saved more than $500 million over 3 1/2 years, the Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimates." (The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, August 19, 2014)


Waukesha County taxpayers alone would save $16,156,800 and 2,506 more people would be covered with health insurance.


"I agree with you. Stop the fiscal irresponsibility in Madison, take the Medicaid money. Vote for me, Jim Brownlow, Democrat, 83rd Assembly District, on Nov. 4."

I know we can do better.

Beliefs and Values

"I agree with you," says Jim Brownlow. Mary Burke has a jobs plan that makes sense. We've seen the results that our "divide and conquer" governor and his rubber-stamp legislature have gotten:

1. 250,000 jobs is an embarrassing afterthought to the governor, a painful betrayal of Wisconsin.

2. Wisconsin is 10th out of 10 Midwestern states in job creation.

3. The governor and his rubber-stamp legislators show contempt for work by opposing an increase in the minimum wage.

A politically-motivated guy with his eye on a run for president, and his scandal-plagued administation and legislature have led Wisconsin backwards while the rest of the country is in a recovery. Real governing by a serious governor and a legislature ready to go to work for you can get Wisconsin moving FORWARD again. 

"If you think Wisconsin can do better, I AGREE WITH YOU," says Jim Brownlow.

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