By voting for Walker's budget, my opponent has cost taxpayers $206 million over 2 years. "The state could have saved more than $500 million over 3 1/2 years, the Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimates." (The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, August 19, 2014)


Waukesha County taxpayers alone would save $16,156,800 and 2,506 more people would be covered with health insurance.


"I agree with you. Stop the fiscal irresponsibility in Madison, take the Medicaid money. Vote for me, Jim Brownlow, Democrat, 83rd Assembly District, on Nov. 4."

I know we can do better.

Beliefs and Values

Family supporting jobs have been lost since my opponent was elected in 2011 and instead of facing the problem, he and his Republican colleagues have fiddled around passing a radical agenda of wrecking our public schools, assaulting laws to protect women, people who work, and our environment, and borrowing from our children to pay for "tax cuts" in an effort to buy your vote. !n 2014, we are going to elect a new governor who has a plan we can all get behind to create the jobs her opponent and my opponent promised, but have yet to deliver.

Together, we can.

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